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About store

Who are we?

                 For a long time we have been helping our customers to take care of their leisure time and the leisure of their loved ones. Our products are interesting hobby and entertainment products that can be a great gift for family members, friends, children, colleagues, and yourself. The Stendmodels scale model store is not a supermarket or large toy store. We have the advantage of being a small but unique store with quality goods and favorable prices. We use our modest size for the benefit of our clients!

Why is it better to buy prefabricated models in Ukraine from us?

                   Compared to most of the largest market giants, our online store is small, but it's not bad at all! Quite the opposite. We take care of each of our clients and in our catalogs we try to include only the most interesting and high-quality prefabricated models of tanks, aircraft, cars, accessories, etc. In a situation where the assortment and prices of most stores like us are about the same, we still try to find something new and unusual for our customers. In addition, we always strive to correctly display availability. Therefore, be sure that the words "In stock" will be confirmed at least 95% of the time. A pleasant trifle for our customers is the convenience of the site, especially since work on its improvement is constantly being carried out. In addition, our filters and searches are made in such a way that you can easily find prefabricated models of planes, tanks, dioramas accessories, literature, tools and other useful "tricks" from our arsenal.

                    Shop managers and avid modelers themselves. They see each product with their own eyes, which is definitely a useful difference from the standard call-operators of large online supermarkets.

What is modeling for us?

                      It does not matter whether you are a collector, an experienced modeler, or just "dropped in" to look for a non-standard gift - we are glad to all visitors of the Stendmodels online store! And not only because our store is money and business. In fact, modeling comes first for us. And those who first enter the phrase “prefabricated models of tanks, buy” in a search engine may not yet know how exciting it can be to model and even build whole dioramas. Experienced amateurs of collecting models of tanks, planes and other equipment rarely lose interest in their hobby. Many modelers are even ironic about their diagnosis or the state of dependence on modeling. Even those who, for some reason, decided to abandon collecting and collecting models, very rarely do not return to the path of creation at all, they at least "hang" on various thematic resources or read thematic literature. We, in turn, try to make the "life" of modellers easier by offering a high-quality and thoughtful list of products for modeling.

                      It is worth noting that it is difficult to apply the epithet largest, first or most popular to the online store We do not even strive for this. We want to be the best in our field and we work not on quantity, but on quality. Moreover, over the quality of everything - delivery, assortment, prices, and even over the contact with our customers, so you can see with your own eyes much from the catalog of the online version of the store at a completely real address: Kremenchug, Ivan Mazepa street 34/47, 1st floor.

                      We know for sure more about prefabricated models, dioramas, airbrushing and other model chemistry than most other stores, precisely because we ourselves are constantly collecting and painting models. You can safely ask us questions about the assortment and additional products, and we will try to make sure that you do not leave us empty-handed!

 The activity is carried out by PE Kelik Anastasia Valerievna

Our address: Kremenchug, st. Ivan Mazepa (former Butyrina street) 34/47, 1st floor